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If you have been charged with possession of a controlled substance in Las Vegas, you should speak with an experienced drug possession lawyer to discuss your rights. Drug possession is a serious criminal offense in Nevada, and you could be facing prison time and significant fines.

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Nevada Drug Laws by Substance:

Arrested for Drug Possession in Nevada?

Las Vegas Drug Possession Laws

In Nevada, the Uniform Controlled Substances Act applies to most drug offenses.

Nevada Rev. Stat. § 453.336 provides that “a person shall not knowingly or intentionally possess a controlled substance, unless the substance was obtained directly from, or pursuant to, a prescription.” Controlled substances include illegal drugs (such as cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, heroin, and methamphetamine) as well as prescription drugs for which you do not have a valid prescription.

Types of Drug Possession

Nevada controlled substances laws prohibit three types of drug possession: (1) actual, (2) constructive, and (3) joint.

A person is in actual possession of a controlled substance when keeping narcotics on his or her person. For example, a person who has a vial of crack cocaine in his or her pocket is in actual possession of the drug.

A person is in constructive possession of a controlled substance when narcotics are found in an area over which he or she has control. For example, a homeowner who has an ounce of marijuana under his or her bed is considered to be in constructive possession of the drug.

A person is in joint possession of a controlled substance if he or she shares control of narcotics with another person. For example, a husband who knows that his wife stores PCP under their bathroom sink may be found to have been in joint possession of the drug.

Defenses to Drug Possession Charges in Nevada

If you have been charged with drug possession in Clark County, a Las Vegas drug possession lawyer can help you understand the defenses available to you in your criminal case. The following material is provided for informational purposes only.

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