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Las Vegas courts take theft charges very seriously. If you are facing criminal charges related to theft, you should hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight for your innocence and protect your rights. An attorney can help secure an acquittal, or a reduction or dismissal of your charges.

Karen A. Connolly represents those facing theft charges in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. She will work hard to develop a credible defense to the criminal charges against you.

Facing Charges for Theft in Nevada?

Las Vegas Theft Laws

There are many different crimes that fall under the “theft” umbrella in Nevada. These include:

Most theft crimes involve petit larceny or grand larceny. Depending on the value of the items you have been accused of stealing, you may be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. If a weapon was used or anyone was injured during the theft, the punishment will increase and you could be facing significant time in the Clark County Detention Center or Nevada State Prison.

Nevada Theft Laws

Nevada Rev. Stat. § 205.240 defines petit larceny as a theft involving property valued at less than $650. Most petit larceny cases arise from one of the following situations:

To determine the value of allegedly stolen property in a theft case, courts will assign to it the highest reasonable value. If the value of the allegedly stolen property is more than $650, a court may charge a suspect with the more serious grand larceny offense.

Nevada Rev. Stat. § 205.220 defines grand larency, and states that the crime occurs when someone “intentionally steals, takes, and carries away, leads away or drives away” property owned by another person that is valued at $650 or more without that person’s consent. Most grand larceny charges arise in the following scenarios:

Defenses to Las Vegas Theft Charges

Defending yourself against criminal charges is very complicated. A theft lawyer can help you understand what defenses are available to you in your case. The following material is for informational purposes only.

Theft Defenses

There are many defenses available to defendants facing theft charges, including:

Las Vegas Theft Attorney

Karen A. Connolly represents those facing theft charges in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. To discuss your case with a Las Vegas theft attorney, call (702) 678-6700.