Las Vegas Annulment Attorney

If you are seeking an annulment in Nevada, look no further than Karen Connolly for someone you can trust with extensive experience in Nevada Family Law. If your marriage is annulled, it is legally determined to be void or voidable. Under certain circumstances an annulment can be beneficial to both parties.

Reasons your marriage might be eligible for an annulment include:

If one of the parties did not understand that they were entering into a marriage. This is often due to mental illness or intoxication.

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Filing for Nevada Annulment

To file for an annulment in Las Vegas, one partner must reside in the State of Nevada, or the wedding ceremony must have taken place within the State. There are no time limits on filing for an annulment; at any time during a marriage one or both partners can request an annulment. If granted, property accumulated during the joint relationship will be divided; child support and custody will also be resolved by agreement of the parties or by the court. A couple can either agree to an annulment, or the Court can grant one after a hearing. An annulment is the exception, not the norm. If the judge will not grant an annulment, a divorce will be granted, if requested.

Nevada Annulment Attorney

Once an annulment is granted, the State of Nevada discounts the marriage completely, in other words, it is as though the marriage never existed. Karen A. Connolly will properly analyze your situation, seeking the best solution for your circumstance. When seeking an annulment, allow Karen Connolly’s expertise to guide the way, preparing all of the necessary paperwork is the first step to obtaining an annulment in Nevada.