Las Vegas Legal Separation Attorney

There are many reasons people decide on legal separation instead of divorce, for example if one partner will lose access to health care, if religious reasons get in the way, or if a couple is seeking a break instead of a permanent split, a legal separation remains a viable option.


Facing a Legal Seperation in Nevada?

Legal Separation vs. Divorce

Las Vegas legal separation and divorce include many of the same aspects, for instance child support, child custody, property, debt, and asset division are all addressed in a legal separation. Still, a legal separation does not permanently end a marriage.

Las Vegas Legal Separation

In order to file for separation in Nevada, one member of the relationship must have resided in Nevada for at least 6 weeks.

Las Vegas Legal Separation Attorney

Karen A. Connolly has been an aggressive Las Vegas divorce attorney for over 20 years; she well understands the pros and cons to filing for Las Vegas legal separation. Allow her expertise to review your case and figure out the best plan of action for you and your family.