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This article provides only basic information about support and alimony in Nevada. It is not a substitute for consulting with a divorce lawyer. Only an experienced Nevada divorce attorney can give you legal advice about your situation.

In Nevada, alimony—otherwise known as spousal support—can be awarded during an uncontested and contested divorce. There is no formula for calculating spousal support one spouse  will pay to the other post divorce. This makes alimony awards very unpredictable. If  the parties cannot agree upon alimony, either its amount or duration, the court will ultimately decide the amount of alimony to be awarded as well as its duration. The absence of any kind of formula makes the issue of alimony a difficult one to settle but also a risky one to take to trial.

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There are three (3) different kinds of alimony in Nevada.

  1. Temporary Alimony:  As a divorce proceeds,  the spouse with the lower income may be entitled to temporary alimony, maintenance or financial assistance during the divorce process.
  2. Post divorce,  “rehabilitative alimony” may be awarded. This is for the support and maintenance of a  spouse to enable that spouse  to obtain training,  education related to work or a profession.  The court will consider if the payor spouse  obtained  enhanced  job skills, or education during the marriage and whether the recipient spouse, assisted while those avenues were pursued. An award or rehabilitative  alimony is not permanent.
  3. Post divorce alimony may be for a period of time, or, permanent. The court must take a number of factors into consideration when determining an appropriate award of alimony. Those factors include but are not limited to: length of marriage; financial  condition of the parties; value of their respective properties; health of both parties; earning ability; and education.

Lump sum alimony is also a viable alternative  to making monthly payments  over a period of time. An advantage of lump sum alimony that it is non modifiable. All other alimony awards remain modifiable or adjustable, if there is a change in circumstance during the duration of the alimony award. Generally a change in circumstances is considered to be a twenty percent a 20% change in the payor or recipient’s income. In Las Vegas, alimony cannot be modified following the end of the ordered term. Alimony terminates upon remarriage of a recipient spouse.

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