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The legal system is incredibly complicated, and few possess the knowledge and experience to provide honest answers and solid advice. When you need competent representation from a no-nonsense attorney with a proven track record, turn to the Law Offices of Karen A. Connolly, Ltd. Whether you’ve been charged with a federal crime or need help with family issues, our family law and criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the legal system.

Trial-Tested With 20 Years of Experience

Karen A. Connolly has over 25 years of experience helping Nevada clients through their legal issues. A seasoned attorney with a passion for criminal law, Ms. Connolly’s extensive litigation experience has helped her secure acquittals, reduced sentences, and reversals of convictions for many clients charged with state and federal criminal charges in Las Vegas.

Ms. Connolly also provides representation in all aspects of family law, including divorce, child support and custody, adoption, spousal support, termination of parental rights, and all other family-related issues. She represents both men and women, married and unmarried parents, custodial and non-custodial parents, grandparents, and stepparents. Ms. Connolly works to help resolve all family issues outside the court—without costly and emotionally draining litigation. However, when court is necessary, you can trust that she’ll provide thorough representation.

Educate Yourself With Our Guide to Nevada Divorce

Divorce is a serious decision, and we understand how stressful and uncertain the time leading up to your divorce can be. It doesn’t just affect you; it can affect your entire family, especially your kids. That’s why we’ve provided free answers to your most pressing Nevada divorce questions in “A Guide to Nevada Divorce.” This helpful resource addresses spousal support, finances, property division, and more, to help give you an idea of what to expect from this big decision.

Whether you’re seeking custody of your children or facing criminal charges, let Karen A. Connolly, Ltd. provide legal counsel and representation to help you through this time. Call the Law Offices of Karen A. Connolly, Ltd. today at (702) 678-6700 for a consultation.