Competent and Trustworthy Criminal Legal Services in Las Vegas, NV

At the Law Offices of Karen A. Connolly, Ltd. we provide competent and aggressive criminal legal representation to clients throughout the state of Nevada.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

In our criminal defense practice, we represent people charged with a variety of criminal offenses including murder, sexual assault, drug crimes, theft offenses, and federal crimes. Attorney Karen A. Connolly has obtained not guilty verdicts and won jury trials in both federal and state court. She has argued before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as the Nevada Supreme Court. She has represented people on post-conviction relief and those charged with misdemeanors such as DUIs and DWIs.

Federal Criminal Defense

In the United States criminal justice system, federal offenses can carry harsher penalties than state charges due to mandatory minimum sentences and the United States Sentencing Guidelines. State and federal court are very different. For example, there is no parole in the federal system, and unlike in state court, probation is rare. If charged in federal court, it is essential to have an attorney like Karen A. Connolly, who is experienced in federal court, to represent you. Ms. Connolly has represented scores of people charged with crimes in federal court.

In addition to being a trial attorney, Karen A. Connolly has done a considerate amount of appellate and post-conviction work and has an impressive track record. She has represented clients facing the most serious punishment available—death—and has succeeded in having death sentences reversed. In fact, she is one of only a few attorneys qualified to represent those charged with capital crimes. She also represented people charged with child pornography, drug trafficking, and an array of other crimes.

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Years of experience practicing in Las Vegas, Henderson and Clark County have provided Karen A. Connolly with invaluable insight into dealing with the prosecutors in the offices of the United States Attorney, District Attorney and City Attorney. Ms. Connolly knows the prosecutors and the judges and that is essential to being effective.

Our results speak for themselves, take a look at our verdicts.

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